Saturday, March 1, 2008

The Calling- March 2008

The March 2008 edition of our monthly new is out. In some sense, The Calling is a summation of what is posted on the blog each month. So, if you keep up with our Blog, you will probably be hitting into some repeat stuff with The Calling. However, if you do not keep up with the blog and what a more "traditional" way of engaging print, then The Calling might be a useful tool for you to enage with what is happenning at Jonah's Call. Here is a summary of this issue:

The Calling: March 2008 (PDF)

Music at Jonah’s Call: The First 40 By Josh Moyer
We have been working with a group of folks for the last few weeks to develop our initial "library" of songs for Jonah's Call. What does that mean?...

Baby Food or Food Pyramid: The Gospel and Evangelism at Jonah’s Call By Jay Slocum
Is it possible to bring pre-Christians into a saving relationship with Jesus Christ in the context of a Church service while still feeding and maturing those who already believe?...

The Fat Tuesday Festival WAS a Big Event
Jack Walsh, an “Ascensionite” who is a member of the vestry, the choir, the stewardship committee, and who is very interested in Jonah’s Call, got a big surprise on Fat Tuesday when he came to get his share of pancakes, sausage, and apple sauce at what he feared might turn out to be a sparsely attended “pancake supper”...
Jonah’s Call is working hard to develop a web presence. Jonah’s Call has just purchased a domain name ( and will be working with Ian Tod Hunter, who designed

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